Phones are now more than luxury. Business has gone global. You no longer have to be confined by  your walls to get things done. After analyzing a lot of data about smartphone usage and challenges, we would always advice our clients to consider a lot of simple factors in getting a smart phone so that the phone can easily would help optimize their business. Some of the most factors we consider in getting a business smartphone are:

Quad-Band Support

Be sure your phone has quad-band support. Quad-band usually refers to a phone using GSM technology. Different mobile phone networks around the world use different bands. Except, you don’t intend travelling across borders, it is very important to select phones that support the widest possible network types across the world. A phone can only be used on a network if it supports the correct band(s).A quad-band GSM phone is one that can be used for basic service almost anywhere in the world. A phone that supports four different radio frequency bands. That’s because most countries have at least one GSM network, and most GSM networks worldwide use one of four bands. By supporting all four bands, a quad-band phone is compatible with most GSM networks worldwide.

Service Provider

Check cellular coverage maps to make sure you’ll have adequate voice and mobile broadband data coverage both in your local area and the places you may travel to. Choose a network that has global coverage across the continents, Africa, Europe, America and Asia. In selecting a service provider, you should also consider cost of mobile and data services.

Enterprise Support

Another factor for selecting a smartphone for business is whether your IT department will support your personal device. The advantage of company support is that your employer’s IT folks can help you with remote setup and troubleshooting connectivity to company resources, such as Microsoft Exchange Server for email, contacts, and calendar access. For startups that may not have these enterprise software, you may need to use of mobile apps to carry out some essential functions.  You need to check mobile support for the enterprise applications most importantly mails. A good business smartphone should support multiple emails.

Backup and Recovery

A good business smartphone should support cross-platform backup and recovery.